Advocacy for Girl Child

St. Stephen Child Care organization (SSCCO) is helping children in areas of Mukono, kayunga and some parts of Jinja that have lost their parents due to AIDS epidemic, TB and so many sick and bedridden caregivers.

The community being the best place for children to grow up; but the increasing burden of HIV and AIDS means that communities need support to look after their orphans and vulnerable children. Community-level responses vary greatly in resources, skills and responses.

Children without proper adult care are more likely to be abused and exploited. Many orphans and vulnerable children slip further into poverty once the family’s main breadwinner stops working or dies. Losing a parent or caregiver often means losing access to social grants, education and healthcare.

SSCCO’s position is that children should grow up in safe family environments, whether their own or those provided adoptive parents. As Child care organization we work around the clock with help of you and the community to create sustainability and health growth environment for children.