St. Stephens Child Care Organisation

St. Stephen's Child Care Organization (SSCCO) is a registered non-profit making organisation taking its major activities in the field of caring for orphans and vulnerable children (OVS). It was initiated in 1997 but officially registered on 29th October 2010 after a long analysis of our country's ever increasing number of HIV/AIDS orphans.

These concerned Citizens felt there was need to address the problems facing Children in the area. They decided to start with Orphans as these may be dangerous to the community if they are not properly sscco child groomed in future they may turn up to be robbers, thieves, prostitutes, etc leading to insecurity in the area.

We the members of St. Stephen’s Child Care Organization (SSCCO) support the Human Rights, Social Welfare, Education, Agriculture, Girls project, Drug Abuse, Womens project, development for the needy children, Poverty Alleviation and Social economic activities as well as environmental protection.

Being aware of the need and importance to enhance social, economic and development status of poor, needy, marginalized and vulnerable children and aware of the need to bridges and insulations that promote their social economic welfare, education and development and common good for all humanity.